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Hidden Acres' Elite Hanoverian Broodmares

Elite Mare Radunja
Imported 2003 Retired 2018

Elite Mare Halleluja HA
Bred in USA by Hidden Acres

Elite Mare Havannah L
Bred in USA by Leatherdale Farms

His Highness/Rosentau
His Highness/Rubinstein
Elite Mare Radunja
By Rosentau (Rubinstein/Noble Roi) o/o SPS Watt Nuh (Weltmeyer)
Elite Mare Radunja: 31-6005499; 16H; Black; 1999; Sired by Rosentau (Rubinstein) out of SPS Watt Nuh (Weltmeyer); 16H; Black; 1999 Hanoverian Mare; Imported from Germany in 2003. Mare Performance Tested and Inspected in Germany to achieve States Premium "SPA" title and Champion Mare. Achieved "Elite Mare" title in the USA with the birth of her foal, Halleluja H.A.


More Information about Elite Mare Radunja

Radunja was retired from breeding in 2018 and will not be babysitter and riding horse for Cheryl

2017 - Filly, Danseja HA by Dancier (DeNiro/Lancier/Lauries Crusador)

2015 - Filly, Fabulja HA by Freestyle (Florestan)

2013 - Filly, Dolceja HA by DeNiro; Premium Mare Candidate, MPT Champion

2012 - Colt, Fabio Auguste by Fabuleux

2010 - Colt, Le Hot Shot by Londonderry

2008 - Filly, Donnalja Fredericka by Don Frederico; Elite Mare Candidate, MPT Champion

2007 - Colt, Snazzy Man by Samarant

2005 - Filly, Halleluja H.A. by His Highness; TOP FIlly at Inspection; Elite Mare, MPT Champion

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Elite Mare Halleluja HA
By His Highness (Hohenstein/Donnerhall) o/o SPA/Elite Mare Radunja (Rosentau)

Elite Mare Halleluja H.A.; 035216505; 16H; Black; 2005 Hanoverian Mare by His Highness out of Elite Mare Radunja (Rosentau/Weltmeyer); Elite Mare bred in the USA by Hidden Acres Farm. Barn name "Hallie". Champion filly at AHS Inspection. Champion, Top Score Mare at Mare Performance Test.


More Information about Elite Mare Halleluja

2018 - TBD, by Revolution

2016 - Filly, Serene Highness by Sir Donnerhall

2015 - Colt, Sir Dakota by Sir Donnerhall

2014 -Colt, Sir Majesty HA by Sir Donnerhall

2012 - Colt, Sir Highness by Sandro Hit

2011 -Colt, Shamrok Hit by Sandro Hit

2010 - Colt, Qrown Prince by Quaterback; 2010 TOP Colt at AHS inspection.


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Elite Mare Havannah L By His Highness (Hohenstein/Donnerhall) o/o EM Raritat (Rubinstein)

Elite Mare Havannah ; 035360005; 16.1H, Black; 2005 Hanoverian Mare by His Highness out of Elite Mare Raritaet (Rubinstein/Eisenbarth); Havannah L bred in the USA by Doug and Louis Leatherdale completed her Mare Performance Test and Inspection with great success achieving the coveted Elite Mare title.

More Information about Elite Mare Havannah

2018 - TBD by Fabregas

2017 -Colt, Fuurst Highness HA by Fabregas

2016 - Filly, Wregina HA by Waterford

2014 - Colt, Wregal Chrome HA by Wild Dance

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