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Rosentau (Rubinstein/Noble Roi)

Rosentau: 31-02429-24; Rubinstein/Nevada (Noble Roi xx); 1994 16.2H (167cm) Black Hanoverian Stallion. SPT Adelheidsdorf 1997: Overall - 119.52 (6/41), Dressage - 119.43 (7/41), Jumping - 115.37 (11/41).Rosentau is a beautiful, elegant black Hanoverian stallion from the Hanoverian State Stud. Rosentau is by the famous international dressage horse, Rubinstein.

Hidden Acre's Elite Mare Radunja from this stallion.

Elite Mare Heiress' filly Royal Duchess

Elite Mare Heiress' 2014 Rotspon foal is also from Rubinstein stallion line.

Hidden Acres Farm does not own this stallion and is not responsible for any errors in this web site. Photos and information for the above mentioned stallion were provided by the following sources:
  • "Selected SIres of Germany, a Yearbook of German Sires", by Bernd Eylers and Claus Schridde
  • (Photos © Eylers) , 2002, 2004.2005, 2006, 2007
  • "Hannover's Hengste Dynastien im Wandel" by Claus Schridde
  • The American Hanoverian Society
  • Various Hanoverian Breeder friends.


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