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SPA/Elite Mare Radunja

  • SPA/Elite Mare Radunja: 31 60054 99; Rosentau/Watt Nuh (Weltmeyer); 1999; 16H (162 cm); Black; States Premium Hanoverian Mare.

  • Radunja completed her Mare Performance Test in Germany.Champion of her Class, Inspection score of 8.0 overall ; "Champion Mare of the Show". Video

  • Radunja is elegant and modern in type. Descends from a RARE 6 generations of States Premium Mares Damline. To see pedigree click here.
  • Radunja has produced 2 ELITE MARE daughter's to date brining this rare damline to a seventh generation. We anxiously await a granddaughter to continue the tradition to the eighth generation!

    Elite Mare Radunja's sire, Rosentau is by the famous Westphalian Grand Prix horse Rubinstein I. The young stallion Rosentau sports correct conformation, elegance, elastic gaits and good rideability.

  • Elite Mare Radunja's dam sire is Weltmeyer. What more can be said about Weltmeyer? He is a legend. Weltmeyer continues to almost single-handedly reshape the Hanoverian breed. He was the 1986 winner of the stallion licensing in Verden, and the 1987 winner of the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf. He continued to reign as champion throughout his performance career and became "Hanoverian Stallion of the Year" in 1998.

  • 2013 Video - 14 years old; 4 weeks under saddle after 10 years as broodmare

  • 2013 Video - 14 years old; 2 weeks under saddle after 10 years as broodmare (ridden by adult amateur who rides a couple of times a year)

2017 - Filly, Danseja HA by Dancier

2015 - Filly, Fabulja HA by Freestyle (Florestan)

2013 - Filly, Dolceja HA by DeNiro

2012 - Colt, Fabio Auguste by Fabuleux

2010 - Colt, Le Hot Shot by Londonderry

2008 - Filly, Elite Mare Donnalja Fredericka by Don Frederico; Elite Mare Candidate, MPT Champion

2007 - Colt, Snazzy Man by Samarant

2005 - Filly, Elite Mare Halleluja H.A. by His Highness; TOP FIlly at Inspection; Elite Mare, MPT Champion

Elite Mare Daughters

Elite Mare Radunja has produced three Elite Mare daughters to date.

Radunja's 2013 Filly - "Dolceja HA " by DeNiro

Elite Mare Radunja delivered a black filly by DeNiro at 1:30 a.m. on April 14, 2013. We have named her "Dolceja HA" . Pronounced "dol SAY ja". "Dolce" for being so sweet, "ja" to honor her mother as did her sisters Elite Mare Halleluja and Elite Mare Donnalja.

Radunja's 2012 Colt - "Fabio Auguste" by Fabuleux

Elite Mare Radunja delivered a colt stamped by his sire, Fabuleux at 3:30 a.m. on April 3, 2012.

Mare Inspection - Another Daughter now Elite Champion MARE!

Donnalja Frederika by Don Frederico was named CHAMPION TOP SCORE Mare at her Mare Performance Test.

Donnalja is now an Elite Mare and represents the 7th direct generation of elite status in her damline.



Radunja's 2010 Colt - "Hot Shot" by Londonderry

Radunja delivered a tall black colt by Londonderry on April 26th at 2:15 a.m. His stick measurement at birth was 11.3h. This BIG boy needed a BIG name so we named him: Le Hot Shot.

Londonderry is by Lauries Crusador out of Warkant.

Mare Inspection - Daughter now Elite Champion MARE!

Halleluja H.A. was named CHAMPION TOP SCORE Mare at her inspection and mare performance testing.

Hallie is now an Elite Mare and represents the 7th direct generation of elite status in her damline.



Radunja's 2008 Foal - "Donnalja Frederika" by Don Frederico

Radunja delivered a black filly "Donnalja Frederika" on June 9th at 2:00 a.m.

This filly is by Don Frederico who won the 1999 Hanoverian stallion approval in Verden and was Reserve Champion in the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf. Don Frederico has been the highest dressage breeding indexed ranked stallion for years 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.




Radunja's 2007 Foal - "Snazzy Man" by Samarant

Radunja delivered a black/bay colt "Snazzy Man" on April 14th at 9:45 a.m. Video.

This colt is by Samarant, the Hanoverian Vice-County Champion at the World Young Horse Championships in Verden and winner of the local championships for Young Horses in Nienburg.

Samarant is by Sandro Hit, out of SP Bellvue (Brentano II).

Inspection Day - Radunja's 2005 Champion Filly!

Radunja's 2005 filly by His Highness, named Halleluja H.A., was the Champion Filly at the American Hanoverian Society Site inspection in Livonia, Michigan, August, 2005

Halleluja's pedigree reads like the Who's Who of famous German bloodlines: Rubinstein, Weltmeyer, Donnerhall, Feiner Stern, Hohenstein, Caprimond, Noble Roi XX, Augustinus XX




(see left) Hallie is branded Hanoverian USA. Ouch!


The birth of Radunja's 2005 filly by His Highness completed her requirements for Elite Mare status in the American Hanoverian Society.

(Radunja achieved States Premium Candidate status in Germany, however the American Hanoverian Society uses the term "Elite Mare" in lieu of "States Premium".)

Radunja's 2005 Foal - "Halleluja HA" by His Highness

Radunja delivered a healthy FILLY by His Highness on May 30, 2005


Radunja and Her Family in Germany

Champion SPA/Elite Mare Radunja competing in Germany as a three year old.

S.P. Radunja was rated "Best in Class" and "Champion Mare" at her 2002 inspection in Germany. Radunja was further shown in sports that year and earned subsequent high ranking placements.

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S.P. Radunja was honored with an invitation to participate in the prestigious 2002 Ratje-Niebuhr-Schau (Mare Show) in Germany where she placed successfully.

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Rosentau, S.P.Radunja's sire (see left) is a son of the famous Rubinstein I. (see below)

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States Premium Watt Nuh is Radunja's dam. The ELITE (USA) and the STATES PREMIUM (Germany) Mare titles are the highest studbook placements that Hanoverian Mares can obtain. Minimum high scores must be earned at the Mare's Inspection and Mare Performance Test (MPT). A German study shows a high correlation between the Mare Performance Test results and the ability to predict the talents of the mare's offspring. Return to Top

Watt Nuh is the daughter of the Champion of ALL Elite Stallion Weltmeyer.

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Radunja at 4 days old with Watt Nuh. Radjuna ascends from a rare dam line currently featuring six generations of States Premium status.

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States Premium Sierranova (Sir Donnerhall/Alabaster/Fabriano), in Germany. She is also from the damline and breeder of Radunja. Sierranova continues to win many competitions in Germany after having achieved titles of IA-Price and States Premium, Champion of her Class, Champion mare of the Show for her Mare Performance testing as a three year old.
LaRhani (Londonderry/SPS Sharri (Sherlock Holmes) out of the same damline and breeder as SP Radunja was sold at the April, 2008 Elite Auction to German Olympian Champion Isabell Werth!

States Premium Auguste; 1984 by Augustinus XX. States Premium Auguste is Radunja's Grand Dam. Auguste is a daughter of the famous Augustinus XX and her Great Grand Dam, States Premium Atlanta, is by the famous Absatz.

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S.P. Radunja's Family Wins the rate title of "Elite Family" in 1999 , Three Daughters of S.P. Auguste. (L to R) S.P. Watt Nuh (S.P. Radunja's Dam), S.P. Fabienne and S.P. Floria Tosca.

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Fabuleux, by Fabriano is a licensed Elite Hanoverian Stallion that is the brother of S.P.Radunja's Dam S.P. Watt Nuh. Fabuleux is now standing in the United States.

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States Premium Radunja's Pedigree
Six Generation's of States Premium Status

St. Pr. Radunja: 316005499 (Black)


Rosentau: 310242994 (Black)

Rubinstein: 410666986 (Black)

Rosenkavalier: 410971080 (Dark Bay)


By Romadour II (Dark Bay)

SPS Diva (Westf, Bay)

Antine: 410075972 (Bay)

By Angelo XX (Bay)  
Dodona (Westf, Black)
Nevada:319648989 (Dark Bay)

Noble Roi XX: 060075782 (Dark Bay)


By Windwurf XX (Bay)  

World Rose: 319506485 (Dark Chestnut)

By World Cup II (Black)


St. Pr. Watt Nuh: 316002195 (Chestnut)

Weltmeyer: 314403584 (Chestnut)

World Cup I: 314510477 (Liver Chestnut)



By Woermann; (Liver Chestnut)


St. Pr. Anka 314702676 (Chestnut)

By Absatz (Chestnut)

St. Pr. Auguste 316100884 (Bay)

Augustinus XX 060123676 (Dark Bay)

By Kronzeuge XX (Dark Bay)

St. Pr. Atlanta 314711975 (Chestnut) By Absatz (Chestnut)

Out of

St. Pr. Valetta

by Valentino xx

Out of:

St. Pr. Filiale


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